Cycle storage options compared

Cycle storage options compared

With the new release format changing how we think of our beloved game Arkham Horror LCG its card to remember a time when all we had to look forward to in terms of FFG storage for the game was a return to box two years after a cycle released. I can not describe the love I have for the new boxes which expansions are not packaged in. There is one slight problem though. Although FFG have decided to add a row divider in each cycle box it is far too large to properly accommodate the cards therein contained. 

Today I hope we can have an objective look at some storage options which both use the original box each expansions comes with along with stand alone organisers which remove the need for the original packaging entirely. 

1: Game inserts and organisers.

Perhaps my personal favourite the game insert method of storage allows for the storage of encounter sets and all other encounter cards inside the original box the game comes with. There is also extra storage for tokens and location markers. Although I may be biased in saying any of these products are my personal favourites because I make and sell them this product is not unique to me and many the Arkham investigator has used this method for storing their mythos and encounter cards. More specificity to the above shown product they are made from durable yet soft MDF which ensures that your cards remain safe and organised at the same time. I was recently showing some new players how to play the game and one new player remarked "how are you supposed to set up this game without the dividers. Wont it take forever looking for each set of encounter cards." To be honest I didn't know what to tell him as before I started to make inserts I would look for each set of encounter cards individually and this did take forever. In terms of storage solutions which work best I believe that a good storage solution should revolve around two pivotal points. 1: The storage solutions stores all the cards required safely and securely. 2: The box or insert in question not only holds the cards but makes setup and gameplay easier. Both of these key points need to be met to ensure that the ultimate goal of storage solutions is met. 

The above insert both safely stores the cards and also allows for easy access to each of the encounter sets quickly and easily. Although this product does meet the two key features of a solid storage solutions there is one key drawback which is the weight. Due to the nature of the materials the weight of the box can in some cases be up to 1kg heaver than with the original plastic insert. While for most people this extra weight is not a problem for some who transport their games to stores or other places this could be a real deciding factor as to its ultimate practicality. 

2: Card storage boxes 

Perhaps the most common of the popular methods of card storage the external card storage box is great for those who want to try and minimise the footprint of their game and remove the need for cardboard boxes entirely. These stand alone boxes are both convenient and aesthetically pleasing but there is in my opinion one flaw which I can't get over. As most people buying these boxes want them to be the same size as a return to box there are limitations which exist in terms of how much you can separate each encounter set. For the above box made for the Night of the Zealot campaign its ok as there are only 3 scenarios to divide but for other expansions such as edge of the earth there are 8 or more scenario packs to account for. This means that the scenario sets are separated but there is only one large section for all the other encounter sets. As a result you do have to look through the large pile of encounter cards each time you need to start a scenario. This in my option sort of defeats the ultimate purpose of any storage device. In saying this the box is a lot smaller and still does safely and securely store your cards making it a viable option which is commonly purchased buy new and veteran players alike. 


Have your say in the comments below about which storage solution you love best.  

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