Custom order colours

Here at gaming haven we offer a wide range of plastic acrylic sheet for use in our custom commissions and projects. When deciding which colour you would like please reference the number on the image next to the colour you would like to ensure you get the exact colour you are looking for. All of our plastics are supplied by JYCA plastics in Melbourne and turn around times for acrylic we need to order from them is usually under one week. Please use this link to view the available colours:

Arkham Nights 2023 Melbourne

For the first time in a long time we had our very own Arkham nights event down her in Melbourne. With 23 players from around the state it was an amazing day proudly sponsored by Gaming Haven!

Arkham Nights 2023 Sydney

Gaming Haven was happy to be the proud sponsor of the 2023 Arkham nights event in Sydney. Attended by over 50 people the event was the largest of its kind in Australia.