3D printing services

New to Gaming Haven are our  3d Printing services. We offer the printing of any and all 3D files you may desire in both resin and FDM. Please contact us for a quote and for further information regarding pricing. The turn around time can be as fast as you require to ensure you get your figures as fast as physically possible. Local pick up is available and delivery is kept low as always with our workshop being located in the Melbourne Australia. 

Please note that the flat rate shipping does not apply to this custom item and any order requiring delivery will attract a delivery fee based on size and weight. 

Arkham Nights 2023 Melbourne

For the first time in a long time we had our very own Arkham nights event down her in Melbourne. With 23 players from around the state it was an amazing day proudly sponsored by Gaming Haven!

Arkham Nights 2023 Sydney

Gaming Haven was happy to be the proud sponsor of the 2023 Arkham nights event in Sydney. Attended by over 50 people the event was the largest of its kind in Australia.