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Arkham Horror LCG the card game Act and Agenda holder

Arkham Horror LCG the card game Act and Agenda holder

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This handy Act and Agenda holder is sleek simple and effective. Made from tough PLA plastic this well constructed and lightweight holder will be sure to serve you well in any investigation.

This holder is made from PLA plastic and 3d printed here in Melbourne.

Note that due to the nature of 3d printing some imperfections may be present such as layer lines and other 3d printing imperfections. Returns for such reasons on grounds of quality will not be accepted as it is in the nature of the production process. If the issue is large and greatly visible then please contact us so that we can resolve the issue. 

Please note that these products are all fan made products for use with games printed by Fantasy Flight Games TM. Gaming Haven is not licensed or affiliated with Fantasy Flight Games TM in any way.

This product is produced under a creative commons licence issued by niall_cooley. Thingiverse number 4749127.

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