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Clear Arkham horror LCG acrylic chaos tokens

Clear Arkham horror LCG acrylic chaos tokens

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Tired of the base game paper tokens wearing out after each use? Want to spice up your next investigator get together? Then look no further than these amazing chaos tokens for Arkham Horror the Card game. Each of these tokens is inspired by the base game tokens of Arkham Horror and are slight smaller in size than the tokens which are supplied with the game.

Each token can be used as is or can be painted by yourself using any good quality paint used in the painting of miniatures. 

These tokens are double sided and are made with 3mm clear acrylic. 44 tokens are included along with 2 blank tokens should you need to make a replacement for a lost token. Each token measures 20mm in diameter and are slightly smaller than those in the base game for better randomising in the chaos bag. 

Please note that these products are all fan made products for use with games printed by Fantasy Flight Games TM. Gaming Haven is not licensed or affiliated with Fantasy Flight Games TM in any way. 

Tokens have a protective film on them which will need to be removed prior to use.

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