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Eldritch Horror acrylic clue tokens

Eldritch Horror acrylic clue tokens

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Ever wondered what would happen to your paper clue tokens after repeated shuffling on a hard wooden table? All investigators at some point will experience the dreaded token ware. Avoid this tragedy with these expertly made 3mm green double sided clue tokens for Eldritch horror. 

This set includes 36 clue tokens which are double sided (magnifying glass on one side and either a location number or name of a location on the other side). These tokens are made with 3mm green acrylic and are painted on both the front and back

Please note that these products are all fan made products for use with games printed by Fantasy Flight Games TM. Gaming Haven is not licensed or affiliated with Fantasy Flight Games TM in any way. 

Products may come with paper film applied to them which will need to be removed prior to use.

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