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Prototype tokens 10-20mm

Prototype tokens 10-20mm

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Tokens can be made for any game you are in the prototype phase of anywhere from 10-20 mm. Larger sizes are available upon request. Token can be made in any shape you like with quick turn around times. You have the option of tokens with out without colour fill allowing for more affordable options. There are no minimum order quantities but there is a seperate shipping cost for all custom items which is calculated based on your location. For more accurate pricing please reach out to us and we can give you a free no obligation quote for all your prototype needs. Tokens made from acrylic which are single sided and painted are $1 and $1.5 for double sided and painted. Wooden tokens are $1 for single sided and $1.5 for double sided. Unpainted tokens single sided are $0.80 made from acrylic. 

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